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Weekend Programming Contest 1

How many languages do you know? This weekend, Codewarz is hosting a challenge to see who can solve the challenge in the most languages. So go ahead and try out your BASH-foo and Scala wizardry. The supported languages are listed in the Player’s Guide: Supported Language Reference.

First Ever Live (open) Online Codewarz Event this Weekend

Codewarz hosts it’s first ever Live (open) Online Codewarz Event this Weekend Starting on Saturday, 18 November at 1pm, it’s game on at https://live.codewarz.ninja . We’ll have the scoreboard running all weekend until 9pm Monday. So brush up on your coding and put some points on the leaderboard. Welcome...

Documentation Updates

We’re making an effort to update the documentation on Codewarz. If you have any ideas or feedback, let us know on slack. Player’s Guide The first thing to get updated will be the Player’s Guide. You can find it in the Guides menu at the top of this page....

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