Accounts are currently created by invitation-only from current members.
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How do I join?

Currently, creating new accounts is allowed! Before Codewarz required an invitation by a current member or admin. Simply goto and click on the Register link on the top right of the page!

I’ve received an invitation to play Codewarz - what’s next?

When you receive an invitation to create an account on the website via email, you should also receive an invitation to join our slack channel at Slack chat is available through any HTML5-compliant web browser, through mobile apps for iOS and Android, and via Desktop Apps for Windows, Linux, and OSX. We strongly encourage you to join us on Slack - there you’ll get feedback on your submission results, help from the admins, and you’ll also be able to connect with your fellow players.

Invite Your Friends

Each account comes with the ability to send invitations to join Codewarz. If you do not have any invitations, you can ask an admin in slack to provide you with some. You can access this feature through this link -> codewarz profile or there is also a link at the top right of the navigation panel on the website(you must be logged in).