Solve the challenge in several languages and win a new title for your library.

How many languages do you know?

This weekend, Codewarz is hosting a challenge to see who can solve the challenge in the most languages. So go ahead and try out your BASH-foo and Scala wizardry. The supported languages are listed in the Player’s Guide: Supported Language Reference.

The Rules

  1. You must have an account on You are also encouraged to join our slack chat for support/questions.
  2. We will issue a single programming challenge for this contest.
  3. You must solve this challenge in as many programming languages as you can.
    • For languages that we support see
    • Solve(s) must be submitted and scored correctly by our site in order for the submission to count.
    • Incorrect solves/entries do not count against you, only correct solves in varying languages count.
  4. The players with the most correct solves for this challenge will enter a pool for winning prize(s).
    • Posting or sharing solutions will disqualify you from the contest
  5. A rank-ordered list will be created from all entrants with the individual with the highest number of solves in different languages at the top of that list. We will use that rank-ordered list to offer individuals an opportunity to select a prize from the remaining prizes.
    • In the event of a tie, submission timestamps will be used to determine primacy.
    • Prize information can be found here
  6. The contest will run for approximately 72 hours.
    • We will announce start and stop times.
  7. Chances of winning and overall placement is determined by the number of players with the most solves in varying languages that we support.
  8. At the conclusion of the competition the admins will determine how many correct solves each player had and publish the results.
  9. In order for you to receive a prize(s) you must provide us with a mailing address.
    • We only need a mailing address if you are one of the winners.
    • Ensure we have a way to contact you, valid email in your codewarz account or via our slack chat.
  10. In the event of no response from a winner within 24 hours of notification, we will move to the next person on the rank-ordered list.
  11. If you have any questions feel free to send us a message in slack.

The Prizes

Raspberry Pi Projects for the Evil Genius 4
The Art of Deception 1
The Art of Invisibility 5
Ghost in the Wires 1
Wicked Cool Shell Scripts 2
Gray Hat Python 1
Silence on the Wire 1
Red Team Field Manual 2
Hash Crack 2
Blue Team Field Manual 2

Here's the prizes!